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Can Tize Hit it Big with Hollywood?

He writes in his sleep while we're sleeping

That's scary!

THE ROCK: Who is Tize, tell us something about you?
Tize: Tize is the first African American master Horror writer.

THE ROCK: Where are you from, and currently residing?
Tize: Bronx, NY and currently residing in the Bronx

THE ROCK: Are there any other writers in the family?
Tize: Yes, my 17 year old son Vahn debuts on the 7th of March.

THE ROCK: What prepared you to become an author
Tize: Tragedy, pain and lots of heartaches at an early age.

THE ROCK: What inspired you to become a writer?
Tize: My late grandmother Roberta Hughley inspired me.

THE ROCK: What inspired you to write your book?
Tize: Stories come to me all the time especially when I sleep. There complete from beginning to end.

THE ROCK: Tell us about your newest creation. What is the premise?
Tize: "The late Monroe Anton Xavier (a.k.a. Max) self made Billionaire has left his entire 27.3 Billion dollar fortune to anyone that can complete his Maze! Of course this is no ordinary Maze, supposedly the blood of Max runs through every inch of the Maze and the twists and turns are his pulsating Veins. Many have entered, but no one has left. Welcome to . . .The Maze"

THE ROCK: That sounds like a winner! Any publishing contracts in the working?
Tize: Signed with BAU Publishing

THE ROCK: Congratulations! Have you ever self-published? Why or why not?
Tize: Yes, I originally self published my poetry book, because I was told at the time that the major Publishing Houses didn’t think that poetry was lucrative. But knowing myself I set out to prove them wrong.

THE ROCK: What are "traditional publishers" looking for?
Tize: Looking for fads from people who are already famous. Today’s Traditional Publishers are not looking for new talent or great stories.

THE ROCK: If you were a publisher, what would be your niche? Why?
Tize: I would accept new talent, new stories, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

THE ROCK: For an author, is having a publishing contract with a "traditional publisher" important professionally? Why?
Tize: Going with a traditional publisher can be important if you are without the finances to not just publish a book, but market it properly. Through a traditional publisher they have the funds to mass market, which helps you reach a larger number of people in a shorter amount of time giving you a larger market base. Having a large market base helps you lower your prices and increase the amount of book sales.

THE ROCK: What are some of your professional and personal achievements?
Tize: When I was 9 years old I won a NY State Storytelling contest. I am the first African American Horror writer. I have two boys, and a wife Karen Clark of whom I’ve been married to for over 8 years.

THE ROCK: Who are some of your favorite authors?
Tize: Stephen King, Maya Angelou, Edger Allen Poe

THE ROCK: Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Tize: Hopefully releasing my 10th novel and to have three books become Box Office Cinema smashes in Hollywood.

ROCK: Where can readers find you?
Tize: www.tize.biz

THE ROCK: Thank you, Tize.

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